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We provide quality, long-lasting and safe pest control services to exterminate and prevent infestation of the following pests and rodents.


Spiders Spider bites from venomous species can easily cause illness and even death. And because they are so small you never know where they are hiding in your home. It can also be very hard to identify which types of spiders are invading your home to the untrained eye. Our qualified and experienced pest control specialist will be able to rid you home of all spiders and help you identify the cause of your spider problems so you can exterminate spiders from your home for good.


Cockroaches One or two cockroaches can quickly explode into an uncontrollable infestation. Cockroaches live, eat and breed in all types of households and properties. Cockroaches get into your food and leave their faeces, which cause salmonella poisoning amongst a range of other harmful diseases. You must be proactive in the treatment of cockroach infestation to protect your home or business.

Black Ants

Black Ants Black ants can invade your home within hours. You wake up one morning and there is an army crawling across your kitchen bench, in your bathroom and more and more will just keep coming. Our custom ant treatment will protect your home for over 6 months guaranteed.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Waking up itching with red welts all over your body, you’ve been a victim to bed bugs during the night. These bloodsucking creepy crawlies get into the fibres of your pillow and mattress and feast on your family throughout the night. The only proven way to tackle Bed Bug infestation is with a complete pest treatment that will guarantee you, your family and your guests all get a good nights sleep.


Wasps Wasps carry a nasty sting that cause intense pain, and if you or anyone you know are allergic to these flying insects they can cause anaphylactic shock and even death. If you have wasps nest around your home they have to go. Our pest specialist will provide a long lasting solution and show you how to avoid wasp infestation in the future.


Rodents Rats, mice and other rodents can cause a lot more harm than just a few terrified screams. These creepy crawlies can get into just about any space and contaminate your food with urine, faeces and saliva, which carry a range of harmful diseases. Just 2 rats can create a colony of hundreds of thousands within 6 months if you don’t get professional treatment the minute you see rats in your property.


Fleas Fleas can make your pets and your family’s life a living hell if you don’t take action at the first site of flea infestation. Fleas live on your pets and in your carpets and furniture, and their bloodthirsty bites cause intense red, itchy marks and carry life threatening blood parasites, which may lead to illness in your pets and family.


Mosquitos Mosquitoes carry a wide range of harmful diseases including Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever and Barmah Forest Virus. The symptoms of these can range from very mild to extremely serious and there are currently no vaccines for these disease. So besides the annoying itchy bites, if you have mosquitoes in and around your home you could be at risk of some very serious long term health problems without professional pest treatment.